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There’s only one constant in the media world: Change. If you think you’ve figured out the way people are going to make content, pay for it, distribute and consume it, think again, because things move fast. All the time.

That’s why Code Media produces Code Media each year. It’s a chance for the most interesting and powerful people in the media business to convene and share insights about what’s working, what isn’t and what’s next.

This immersive, two-day event, hosted by Recode Senior Editor Peter Kafka and Executive Editor Kara Swisher, will feature candid, insight-packed interviews from key figures in the media business and the technology world that’s disrupting it. At Code Media 2017, our attendees heard from Apple’s top media executive, Google’s revenue boss, the hottest movie producer in Hollywood and everyone in between.

Code Media also gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the people who can help you boost your company and your career, via structured breakout sessions and lots of casual networking time.

The event pitches a big tent at Code Media: If you’re interested in making media, getting it in front of people or monetizing it — we’ve got good news. So are we. Let’s talk about it in 2018.