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In a world of ever-growing uncertainty and risk, the only way to thrive is by understanding the basic forces that are rapidly altering business and society. Techonomy helps you do that, by methodically curating people and companies that demonstrate the implications of tech-driven change. Techonomy 2017 will bring you together with the eminent leaders who drive the evolution of the modern economy.

The conference gets you out of your everyday bubble to mix it up and make new friends and partnerships. Together we ask: How will tech drive progress forward? What are the opportunities and the risks? What will it all mean for our rapidly shifting industries, and for health, education, politics, cities, social life, transportation, and the planet? Digital business is not a choice; it is an imperative.

Our theme, The Convergence of Man and Machine, offers a framework to explore the implications of trends like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, and global connectivity. Unlike just about any other event we know, we bring together a diverse group for deeply curated multi-disciplinary conversations. It includes corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers, regulators and policymakers, and empowered activists.

We spend the year studying the themes that leaders need to explore now, and populate our sessions with the thinkers who can best help us figure out this new world. We are not modest in our aims and we want to you to come away inspired. After two days at Techonomy, you will leave after engaging deeply with a series of interrelated themes.